This short film demonstrates the colonisation of Body, Mind and Culture through Media. It is an amalgamation of hyper-visual imagery and racially charged and misogynistic sound clips, sourced from media outlets that capitalise on the stereotypes associated with black people; aggression, violence, hyper-sexuality and lack of control. This film travels through a journey of dark history following the impact that has been left on the black body and the Global South, with particular focus on the position of the black female in the oppressive, phallocentric racial matrix.

The use of material is very symbolic throughout the course of this film. The black sheet represents the black body, imprinted with appropriated and fetishised parts taken from the black female body. In reverse the white sheet represents the white body with smears of black grease paint symbolic of the blackface performers in the 1900’s and the impression left on white culture as a result of black struggle. 

Ramzia Jawara: Direction, Videography, Editing, Talent

Joss Matthew: Photography

Freya Grotecke: Videography Assistant 

Aug 2020