RAMZIA   JAWARA                                 

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose creative practice revolves around experimental film, photography, and performance. Through the integration of these disciplines, I endeavour to ignite meaningful discussions about pressing contemporary issues prevalent in modern society. I encourage free thinking and visceral engagement, utilising my body as a means to create thought-provoking work that invokes resonance. Acting as a messenger of life experiences, I employ art as the medium through which to communicate.

My artistic pursuits are deeply rooted in my identity as a British woman of Gambian heritage, allowing me to delve into existential questions that arise from my position as a descendant of the diaspora. By exploring the intricate tapestry of cultural dynamics and generational realities,  I seek to unravel the complexities and nuances that shape individual and collective identities. My research delves into the interplay between culture and personal experiences, shedding light on how traditions, societal norms, and heritage influence the self.

Within my creative process, I draw upon my intuitive and emotional responses to my surroundings, inner world, and global affairs. This deeply personal engagement fuels my artistic production, infusing it with authenticity and resonance. My work serves as a vessel for storytelling, allowing me to convey narratives that capture the essence of contemporary existence. By intertwining my lived experiences with broader socio-cultural themes, I create thought-provoking and evocative pieces that resonate with viewers on both personal and universal levels.

Overall, my interdisciplinary approach to art serves as a catalyst for discourse, prompting viewers to engage with contemporary issues while contemplating my own sense of identity, heritage, and place in the world. Through my innovative and introspective artistic expressions, I invite individuals to explore and question the complexities of the human experience in the context of the modern age.


2023 Royal College of Art - MA Contemporary Art Practice
2020 Kingston School of Art - BA Photography
2019 Northbrook College - UAL Diploma in Foundation Studies Art & Design

2024 Group Exhibition, Shoreditch Arts Club,London
2023 RCA Collections, Working Class Collective
2023 Videography Commission, Gucci, London

2023 Film Screening, Prince Charles Cinema, London2023 Exhibition & Screening, Royal College of Art, London
2023 Film screening, Tate Modern Gallery, London
2023 Beyond Surface Radio, sound piece, Montez Press Radio, online
2022 Word of Warning, Contact Theatre, Manchester
2021 Gaia’s Garden, Photography exhibition, London
2021 As above So Below, Steamship PS, London
2020 London Rocks Film Festival, Whirled Cinema London (Best Experimental Film + Best Editing)
2020 Off The Record, Kingston School of Art, London
2017 Motion Exhibition, Kingston School of Art, London
2017 Northbrook College exhibition, West Sussex


2022 [Science & Spirituality] How memory is stored in the body: Trauma & Healing, Psychic Garden
2021 Conjunction Zine, Photograd


2023 Postgraduate Residency. South London Gallery - Shortlisted
2021 Grapevine Residency. Online

2020 Grapevine Residency. Online